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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Links to Information and Resources

By Steve Endow

Last updated 13 September 2019

There is so much information being published about Dynamics 365 Business Central that I find it difficult to keep track of everything.  I am going to collect links to information and resources here for my reference.  I will update this list regularly as I find new resources.

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Please feel free to send me additional resources!  or   steveendow {at} gmail.

Microsoft Resources

Dynamics 365 Business Central Documentation

Dynamics 365 Business Central blog

Dynamics 365 Business Central for Partners blog

Dynamics 365 Business Central Release Notes:

Dynamics 365 Business Central Security Documentation:

Dynamics 365 Business Central Ideas Site:

Dynamics 365 Business Central "Ready To Go" program:

Dynamics 365 Cloud Service Compliance Brochure:

Online Training Resources

UseDynamics Video User Guides for Dynamics 365 Business Central   (added 8/21/2019)

Microsoft Docs Learn: Business Central Step-by-Step Learning Guides   (added 8/22/2019)

Older Microsoft eLearning Training Courses

Business Central training courses available for download

Note 1: Some of the download links in the article do not work. Scroll down to the comments to find a list from "mbiggs" that has alternative links to the download pages.

Note 2: After downloading the files, read these instructions on how to play the course, and open the SCO1\onlineLauncher.htm file in Edge. I was only able to get them to display properly using the Edge browser.  (much thanks to Marton Sagi for the pointer)

Business Central "Connect, Configure, and Explore" pre-sales webinars


Dynamics 365 Business Central Community Forum Forum

Dynamics User Group Forum

User Groups & Conferences

Business Central User Group / NAVUG (Dynamic Communities)

Directions Asia Conference (March/April)

User Group Summit Europe (March)

Directions NA Conference (May)

Directions EMEA Days of Knowledge Conference - Denmark (May)

User Group Summit Australia (August)

User Group Summit North America (October)

Directions EMEA Conference (October)

NAV Tech Days - Belgium (November)

User Group World Tour

Dynamics User Group

Business Central Docker Resources

Business Central on Docker for Non-Experts    (added 8/22/2019)

PowerShell for Non-Experts - Helpful for understanding BC Docker scripts   (added 8/22/2019)

Which Docker Image is Right For You?

Docker images available for Windows Server 2019

Where to find the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Docker Images

Business Central Sandbox Docker Images

Install Docker Engine on Windows 10 without Hyper-V

Business Central Docker on Windows 10 v1809

Development Resources

Business Central Role Center "Home Page" Design Elements

Business Central Card and Document Page Design Elements

AL on GitHub

AL Hackathon site

Dynamics 365 Business Central web APIs

AL Language Extension by Eric Wauters and Cloud Ready Software

CRS AL Language Extension on GitHub (version 1.1.3 as of April 13, 2019)

AZ AL Dev Tools/AL Code Outline (version 1.0.12 as of July 13, 2019)

VS Code AL Extension Pack blog post (by "Waldo" - Eric Wauters)

VS Code AL Extension Pack (by "Waldo" - Eric Wauters)

Working with BC Translations and Azure Cognitive Services (by James Pearson)  (added 7/31/2019)


Automated Testing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Programming Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - Sixth Edition

Dynamics 365 Business Central Development Quick Start Guide

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise

Dynamics 365 Business Central Field Guide (Fall 2019, sign up for notifications)

Mastering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Aug / Sep 2019)

Dynamics 365 Business Central Cookbook (Aug / Sep 2019)

Business Central News and Podcasts

MS Dynamics World Business Central News & Resources

BCUG / NAVUG Podcasts  (iTunesOvercastPlayer.fmListenNotesSoundcloudPodBean)

The Innovia Conversation a Business Central Podcast

Enterprise Software Podcast


Freddy Kristiansen's blog - Microsoft

Christian Heide Damm blog posts - Microsoft

"Waldo's Blog"   (Eric Wauters)

Stefano Demiliani's blog

Erik Hougaard's blog

Vjekoslav Babić's blog

Luc van Vugt's blog

Andrey Baludin's blog

Saurav Dhyani's blog

Mark Brummel's blog

myNAVblog - Krzysztof Bialowas's blog

Aleksandar Totovic's blog

Dmitry Katson's blog

Steven Renders' blog

Daniel Rimmelzwaan's blog

Ammolh Saallvi's blog

Roberto Stefanetti's blog

Luc van Vugt's blog

Tobias Fenster's blog

Arend-Jan Kauffmann's blog

Gunnar Gestsson's blog

Gavin Whittaker's blog - The Dynamics Explorer

Shawn Dorward's blog - Life Hacks 365

NAV Bits and Bytes blog - Michael Glue

James Pearson's blog

Shannon Mullins' blog

YouTube Channels

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - NAV Tech Days Conference

Dmitry Katson

Mark Brummel

Steve Endow


Steve Endow 😉

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Freddy Kristiansen - Microsoft

Eva Dupont - Microsoft

Kennie Pontoppidan - Microsoft

Vincent Nicolas - Microsoft

Blazej Kotelko - Microsoft

Duilio Tacconi - Microsoft

Jannik Bausager - Microsoft

Dmitry Chadayev - Microsoft

Mike Borg Cardona - Microsoft

Frank Spronck - Microsoft

Christian Heide Damm - Microsoft

Waldo (Eric Wauters) - MVP, Cloud Ready Software

Vjekoslav Babic - MVP

Erik Hougaard - MVP, E Foqus

Dmitry Katson - MVP, AirApps

James Crowter - MVP, Technology Management

Luc van Vugt - MVP,

Tobias Fenster - MVP, Axians Infoma

Steven Renders - MVP, Plataan

Stefano Demiliani - MVP

Kamil Sacek - MVP, Navertica

Andrey Baludin - MVP, Awara IT Solutions

Saurav Dhyani - MVP, Archer Point

Tharanga Chandrasekara - MVP, Theta

Roberto Stefanetti - MVP, Soluzioni EDP

Arend-Jan Kauffmann - MVP

Gunnar Gestsson - MVP,

Ryo Yoshijima - MVP

Mark Brummel

Marton Sagi

myNAVblog  - Krzysztof Bialowas

Aleksandar Totovic

Ammolh Saallvi

Daniel Rimmelzwaan

Andrzej Zwierzchowski

NAV Bits and Bytes - Michael Glue

James Pearson

Shannon Mullins


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    1. Thanks! I've added Gunnar's blog and Twitter link

  2. Thank you very much for your work and time Steve Endow. It would be great to create a list of the users that you share above in order to follow whole people in Twitter with a single click!

    1. Interesting idea! I think I may have found a way to do that. It looks like it will require a Chrome Extension and a few clicks, but if it works, it should be much faster than following each account separately.


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