Monday, April 20, 2020

Don't forget these options when installing VS Code!

By Steve Endow

While attending AJ Kauffmann's AL Development online training class last week, I noticed that he was able to right click on a folder or open directory in Windows Explorer and then select Open in Code, to quickly open the project in VS Code.

Windows File Explorer context menu

When I tried this on my development machine, I didn't have the "Open with Code" menu option.

After a quick search, it appears that you have to enable this context menu during the VS Code install.  There is apparently a way to add it via registry hack, but there is no simple way to enable this feature.  From the articles I've found, you can't enable the option from within VS Code, and on my machine, there was no "Change" option under Add/Remove Programs--only "Uninstall" was listed.

So, the easiest option for me was to uninstall and then reinstall.  Very lame, but not too difficult and it only took a few minutes.

Essential Options During Install

When you install VS Code, MAKE SURE to review these options and check the boxes. I would strongly recommend checking the three highlighted boxes.  If you do not enable these context menus, it's pretty tedious to open Business Central AL projects.

Steve Endow is a Microsoft MVP in Los Angeles.  He works with Dynamics 365 Business Central, Power Automate, Power Apps, Azure, Dynamics GP, SQL Server, and .NET

You can also find him on Twitter and YouTube

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